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BOSTON: Today vote for my girl Ayanna Pressley for City Council. This fierce woman is the future of America I believe in. You should too.

These people will be voting today for what they believe in and the future they want to see for themselves. How about you? Www.Vote.org

My mom is just... the greatest. #Repost @bonnietamblyn (@get_repost) ・・・ Russell, you handsome son of a gun fighter. I love you. #35Years #RussTamblyn #MyMan

#Worstwifeever seen ruining #worsthusbandever photo. #PattonandMeredith

A most beautiful wedding ceremony between these two love birds. Congratulations Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger #PattonandMeredith

#Fbf to this time last year when I made these collages of racist, misogynist propaganda posters throughout American history. Some of these cartoons are as recent as last year. I bought the Hillary Clinton nut cracker doll with fangs in 2008 when she ran then. It says, “My husband lied and I stood right by his side!” It sits in my living room as a daily reminder. Don’t ever forget how they see us. How they control our narratives and present us as monstrous. Don’t ever forget what it takes to be any kind of woman in any kind of business in any kind of position of power.

Shout out to Renay Maurice.

I’m not talking about the fact of the story, I’m talking about the particular language used to describe Hillary Clinton and her actions. And let me give you a second perspective, while it’s still Double Standards O’Clock: Male front runner political candidates have traditionally always colluded to a degree with their parties. But now we’re extremely outraged? #PatriarchalNarrative

There are still a few more tickets left, Los Angeles! Come see me, Roxane Gay, Rachel McKibbens and more incredible writers at Feminist AF: Www.vulturefestival.com

Tig! We did it! We made a picture where it looks like we’re trying to get out of the rain! Even though we are inside of a hotel! Thanks for having Andrea Gibson and me at your festival in DC. #BentzenBallFestival #Tig!

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